5 Biggest Food Influencers to Follow on Instagram 2023

Though Facebook is one of the social networking sites with the highest number of active users, Instagram is the best place for influencers and bloggers. Instagram has more than 1.38 billion active users. Therefore, whether you are a chef, a blogger, a traveller, or a foodie, this would be your favourite place. You will see pictures of your favourite things and enjoy your time.

In addition to this, if you have a talent for something, you can blog about it. With the availability of social networking sites like Instagram, becoming famous is not that difficult. If you have talent and you got your luck, you will get what you want.

But wait,

There is something that you need to become famous and this thing is your followers. Your fans or followers are the ones who make you an influencer. If you do not have any, how would you call yourself an influencer? If you see some famous influencers on the internet, you will find that they have thousands and some even have millions of followers. Their fan following makes them famous and well-known.

However, as you start blogging, not many will follow you. Therefore, to increase your number of followers, you will need to use a lot of different methods. With a few followers, new people will hesitate to press the follow button. So while you advertise yourself or ask others to recommend you, you can also try instant-famous.com.

This is the platform where you will be able to buy likes. With more likes, your posts will be visible to different people. The more the number of likes, the more trustworthy you will become. Thus, it will be easier to get more followers.

So let’s look at some famous food influencers and how they are managing their huge following.

1 – Gordon Ramsay (13.3 M followers)

Source: twitter.com

Gordon Ramsay is a very famous chef who has his own restaurant. In addition to this, he is a famous writer and also a well-known TV personality. He is the person who became a hit during the time when social media was a new thing.

One of his famous contributions to TV programs is the American version of the show Master Chef. Gordon Ramsay has been hosting this show since 2010.

Although his TV appearances started in around 2010, he has a chain of restaurants by the name of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. The most interesting thing here is that he started his restaurant chain in 1997. Therefore, people trust him and want to know and follow his food recipes. He has 13.3 million followers on Instagram where he shares his unique recipes and food ideas.

2 – Jamie Oliver (8.2 M followers)

Source: medium.com

Jamie is a British culinary artist and chef. Plus, he has his restaurants and is also one of the most followed food influencers and bloggers.

There is something unique about Jamie Oliver that makes him stand out among other food bloggers. He has a minimalist style of working. Therefore, he is well-known for his clean and minimalistic style of cooking. In addition to this, he promotes healthy eating and therefore, uses not only fresh ingredients but organic ones. His ingredients are the ones that he gets from his kitchen garden.

He hosts the famous program “The Naked Chef” and his show series “Jamie’s Kitchen”. Apart from the TV programs, he also has a wide following. His Instagram followers are more than 8.2 million.

3 – Rosanna Pansino (4.5 M followers)

Source: youtube.com

Rosanna is from Seattle, Washington and she is not only a food blogger. Rosanna is well-known as an American YouTuber, actress, author, singer, and baker.

Though she does not cover every food type, she loves baking and her work is also in that. She started her cooking series “Nerdy Nummies” in 2010. It was a huge hit and became the most famous baking channel. Furthermore, she also won the Streamy Award and was also nominated for some other awards.

Now she works mainly on Instagram and has a following of 4.5 million. In addition to this, she also writes books and has already written and published her 2 cookbooks. As this was not the end for her, she also started a baking line by cooperating with a cooking company.

4 – Ree Drummond (3.9 M followers)

Source: pinterest.com

Ree is also an American food blogger. Apart from blogging, she is also an author, food writer, and photographer. Plus, she is a well-known TV personality. So she appears on TV where she has a cooking show that she hosts. Moreover, she also runs her social media accounts.

She shares beautiful food clicks, short and easy-to-cook food recipes, and fun food videos on her feed. In addition to this, you will also get a glimpse of her personal life. She has got 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

5 – Rena – healthyfitnessmeals (3.4 M followers)

Rena is also one of the top 10 food influencers and bloggers on Instagram. She was born in West Africa but is now residing in Metro Detroit Michigan. She runs her Instagram account the name of “Healthyfitnessmeals.com).

As the name shows, her work is mainly on food recipes that are healthy. So you will get food recipes made from fresh, organic, and healthy food ingredients. Furthermore, her recipes are for the whole family. She is also a mother of 5 so if you have children, you will love her recipes. You will be able to make interesting meals for your children.

However, this is not it. Rena is also a fitness influencer. So if you are diet-conscious and you do not want to gain weight, her recipes will help you. She always shares about healthy eating habits where you won’t need to starve yourself. She has 3.4 million followers on Instagram.